Thursday, 17 January 2013

Preston University a degree mill/fraud/scam

Preston University a degree mill/fraud/scamWith the ever increasing popularity and success of Preston University, there is an equal increase in the dirty online propaganda about the University. The main false allegation that is been put on Preston University is regarding Degree mill. Preston University is being termed as degree mill by many rivals mainly due to the number of graduates being produced each year. The fact that there are ever increasing number of graduates produced each year by Preston University doesn’t mean that the university by any mean is a degree mill, rather this shows the reliability and trust of the students and parents on Preston University.
The fact remains same that the university is committed in providing the students highest level of tertiary education at the most reasonable fee structure. This is the fundamental reason why more and more students are joining the Preston family. Degree mill scandal up till now has failed on every inch and it is expected that over the passage of time the false scandal will die out on its own.
As a Preston Alumni, I will urge other university to take more moral standing and instead of calling an honorable institute a degree mill, they should try to raise their level and serve the education needs of country.